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Welcome to D’Palma Bros., flooring experts. We are Factory Trained Authorized & Certified  Dex-O-Tex Applicators, and we proudly use Dex-O-Tex products, systems and processes.  D’Palma offers advanced surfacing and coating for floors and waterproof systems. Used in commercial and industrial industries throughout the world, Dex-O-Tex products boost overall value and performance while protecting concrete and other types of flooring. And, learn more about how we are taking COVID-19 seriously, and the steps we have implemented to increase safety. Call us today at 562-463-3425 for assistance. We are happy to help.






D’Palma Bros. uses Dex-O-Tex products, which are recognized around the world as the formulator of the highest quality seamless decorative and functional polymer flooring, wall coatings, deck coverings, wearing surfaces, decorative concrete, waterproofing, and repair products for new and rehabilitative construction. Our products are optimal for completing new construction as well as renovations.

All installations are completed by top trained professionals who offer our customers first rate service and top product performance. Our floor, wall, and waterproofing systems are compliant with ADA guidelines and provide excellent solutions to all of your construction projects needs. We specialize in services such as weatherwear deck coatings, fracture-resistant waterproof membranes, terrazzo flooring, epoxy floors, floor leveling, industrial flooring, chemical resistant floors, deck surfacing, and more.

In addition, our products contribute to environmentally friendly/sustainable facilities. Our products are frequently found in schools, athletic facilities, laboratories, animal/veterinary clinics, military vessels and facilities, and many other locations.

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