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About D’Palma Bros.

In 1960, two brothers and an associate opened a small shop on Venice Blvd., in Los Angeles, California, as an exclusive magnesite contractor. Before they knew it, they grew to become the largest company of their kind in Los Angeles County, with over 75 employees!

Shortly thereafter, the D’Palma Bros. added a new element to their business – something known as “Terrazzo,” which would become very much in demand. The company began to specialize in new terrazzo projects along with terrazzo restoration.

In 1970, D’Palma Bros. began a new phase of business, qualifying to become an Authorized Dex-o-Tex Applicator, incorporating all products for residential, commercial and institutional service venues.  From terrazzo to weatherwear Promenade roof deck coating and special under-tile waterproof membranes, D’Palma began to expand its business! Today, in addition to terrazzo creation and design, our services include pool deck resurfacing, garage floor coatings, chemical-resistant floors, balconies, stairways, decks, roofs, and more.  We have performed a wide array of work for individual residential homes, commercial businesses, schools, churches, retreat centers, prisons, institutions, organizations, and so on.

Presently, D’Palma is running strong and continues to be family owned and operated, now with second and third generations continuing to carry on the business with hard work, honesty and integrity. Fully licensed, bonded and insured, D’Palma Bros. are ready and available to take on your next project.  Don’t hesitate to Contact Us with questions or interest.

Above the Crowd: The D’Palma Bros Difference

We specialize in Dex-O-Tex products, which offers advanced surfacing and coating for floor and waterproof systems. Used in commercial and industrial industries throughout the world, Dex-O-Tex products boost overall performance and value while protecting concrete and other types of flooring.

Our products are optimal for completing new construction as well as renovations. All installations are completed by top trained professionals who offer our customers first rate service and top product performance.

Our floor, wall, and waterproofing systems are compliant with ADA guidelines and provide excellent solutions to all of your construction projects needs. In addition, our products contribute to environmentally friendly/sustainable facilities. Our products are frequently found in schools, athletic facilities, laboratories, animal/veterinary clinics, military vessels and facilities, and many other locations.

Our systems include liquid polymers, re-dispersible polymers, as well as silca sand-free products. Our epoxy wall coating systems provide easy future cleanings and the ability to sustain impacts. Regardless of the type of construction you are completing, our products can be formulated to provide the type of protective solution you need. Our systems include anti-microbial floors, flooring underlayment, moisture vapor suppression systems, fluid proofing membranes, conductive systems, decorative flooring, chemical resistance coatings, and several other solutions to suit your needs.

Let D’Palma Bros. supply your construction project with durable long-lasting products and services that are durable, environmentally friendly and aesthetically attractive. Our products are suitable for nearly every type of environment and are capable of providing long-term protection and pleasing aesthetics.

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