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D’Palma Bros. offers professional Dex-O-Tex installation services throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County. All of our Dex-O-Tex installations are applied by professionally trained applicators. Our installers are factory trained, authorized and certified! Let D’Palma Bros. flooring experts help you with new projects or hire us to maintain your existing Dex-O-Tex weatherwear. We can repair, refurbish and recolor finished Dex-O-Tex weatherwear system back to new!

Dex-O-Tex is a Cutting-edge Waterproofing System Designed For:

  • Roof Decks
  • Private Balconies
  • Public Walkways as a Finished Traffic-bearing System, or as a Waterproof Fracture-Resistant Membrane for Under Tile
  • Raised Pedestal Deck
  • Raised Wood / Composite Decking
  • And More

This makes Dex-O-Tex waterproofing a particularly useful solution for residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

Dex-O-Tex Flooring & Waterproofing Benefits:

Here’s a look at some benefits offered by this cutting-edge technology:

DURABILITY: Dex-O-Tex installations are incredibly durable. This makes them a worthy investment that will protect concrete and other floorings very effectively for a long time.

VERSATILITY: Dex-O-Tex flooring and other products are incredibly versatile. This means that they can be effectively used on a huge range of surfaces including walls and floors.

FLEXABILITY: Dex-O-Tex installations can be customized to your specific needs. Polymers and other ingredients are used to formulate Dex-O-Tex coatings that specifically suit your requirements. From decorative Dex-O-Tex coatings to floorings that come with anti-microbial, moisture-resistant and cleanable surfaces, we are able to fully tailor the coatings. Simply let us know your needs and requirements, and we will formulate a coating that is perfect for you.

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