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We Are Expert Waterproofers & Flooring Experts Specializing in Dex-O-Tex

Sep 6, 2021

Industry-leading waterproofing solutions for protecting concrete, decking, and pedestrian surfaces.

D’Palma Bros. use Dex-O-Tex waterproofing products offer protection for a wide range of residential and commercial surfaces from pedestrian walkways, to parking garages, to residential decks and balconies.

Our waterproofing products are specially designed to protect exterior concrete and decking surfaces against weather damage, UV radiation, and general wear and tear from pedestrian traffic and other impacts. Additionally, our concrete waterproofing products offer excellent protection in industries where surfaces experience heavy shock, impact, high temperatures, or exposure to chemicals.

Whether you have a residential, commercial, or industrial property, a deck is an outstanding addition to its outdoor space. Not only does a deck improve the aesthetics and the outdoor experience, but it also adds value to the property. However, the fact that these decks are outside and constantly exposed to the elements, makes it a concern for any responsible property owner.

Protect your deck from the elements and keep your property in its best condition with Dex-o-tex decking options!

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