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Why are Urethane Cement Coatings So Important to Concrete Flooring?

Jun 17, 2021

As you might imagine, cement is a crucial part of building a solid foundation for nearly everything. Therefore the products we rely upon have to be the best. That is why we use Dex-O-Tex urethane cement coatings and concrete flooring systems. Dex-O-Tex provide optimum flexibility and durability in tough environments, including warehouses and industrial complexes that house large machinery and deal with high levels of foot traffic. Since urethane coatings are glossy and durable, they are also an excellent option for showroom floors and aircraft hangars.

Additionally, Dex-O-Tex offers high-performance urethane cement coatings and concrete flooring solutions designed to protect surfaces from harsh conditions such as high impacts, chemical attacks, and fluctuating temperatures. Our urethane flooring systems and coatings are not only durable and easy to maintain, but they also preserve their color and texture well over time.

Unlike acid brick and quarry tile, urethane concrete flooring systems provide a seamless surface for commercial and industrial spaces that protect floors from cracking and water intrusion. Its high durability and seamless protection make urethane floor coating a popular choice for restaurants, kitchens, research labs, and any application needing moisture and heat resistance.

We offer a variety of Dex-O-Tex urethane flooring products, including fast-curing coatings and of course, the industry-leading Tex-Crete urethane concrete flooring systems. All of these products help to create a top-level product and service for all of your high-durability flooring needs.

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